Let’s Get acquainted.

Who Am I?

I am a Graphic Design Guru, Marketing Maverick, Artistic Savant and Creative Genius. I love the gratification of a job well-done. It is important for me to unplug, detox and keep the creative fire burning and make something physical and tangible with my own two hands. I love to build furniture, draw, and sew. Really, anything crafty, I’m game.

My Goal?

I could use fancy corporate jargon like “synergy” but the truth of the matter is quite simple. Great design and marketing speaks for itself. My goal is to develop eye catching and clever work to grab the viewer’s attention. I combine good design with human psychology for an achieved end result. The client is number one, but I also know how to tread the fine line between making the client happy and using my expertise to do what is best. Most importantly, I never stop learning and evolving.

What Makes Me….Me?

My grandpa designed campaigns for Macy’s and Gimbals in New York City. In fact, he was one of the key people in the first campaign for Barbie. Designing is in my blood. I admired my grandpa and was the only kid who knew what they wanted to do. I wanted to design and have never wavered from that dream. I learned I had a talent for art when I was eight. My grandpa took me under his wing and helped me hone my senses. He taught me discipline in my work. As a child, I frequently won drawing contests the local newspaper held. I would sit for hours at my desk and engross myself in the world of art and design dreaming of the days when my passion would become my job.

Now, as an adult, working full time in the industry, I still sit for hours engrossing myself in my work. Consequently, I still win awards for my work. I have been in the graphic design industry for over ten years. Six years ago, my journey in the world of marketing began. There is a beautiful balance between the two. Graphic design and a solid marketing strategy goes hand-in-hand.

Ultimately, it is crucial to work with a company where I can make an impact and grow my skills. This tandem is important because I never want feel like I am simply am going to work. Every day should be a new challenge and stretch my creative limits. It is that passion from intertwining both that helps me to break through new barriers and create something truly stellar.

To download my resume, please click here.